Galaxy s2 phone sd card format

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Jul 28, 4 0 5. I want to use my tab to watch movies, so the 4gb FAT32 file limit is a problem. Is there anything I can do here without rooting the device?

How To Enable NTFS In Android Phone - New Technology File System- TechFanciers

A modern device such as this surely can support another file system than fat32 on the SDcard What am I doing wrong here? My digital camera reads NTFS for crap sake. Romulous Well-Known Member. Apr 1, 26 63 Male Retail Manager Ireland.

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Unfortunately i dont know about file systems that are comatible with the tablet. If you intend on watching movies on your tablet, then it would be better to use something like Handbrake to recode your movies into something smaller and more managable. At least this way you will have a better selection of movies available at your fingertips, as opposed to say, 7 movies at 4 gig in size, seeing as you will lose over 2 gig on formatting the SD Card.

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  1. Will Android Tablets Read exFAT Systems Formatted On Windows? | AVForums.
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  4. Sep 5, at Sep 5, at 3: Mar 26, Messages: North West Ratings: Reformatting in Windows to FAT32 is a bit hit and miss. Lots of people get frustrated trying to get large drives to work with Android. Another option for a gb drive is two partitions, 64gb each?

    Jun 8, at Grid , Jun 8, Jun 8, Messages: After dumping the contents of the card to a Windows HDD then formatting to exFAT and putting a couple of test files on the card the tablet read the card fine Android 4.

    Will Android Tablets Read exFAT Systems Formatted On Windows?

    Further to this although the Samsung table, Windows and Mac are all playing nicely with the exFAT formatted microSD card the Android File Transfer tool falls over and claims the tablet is inaccessible. Last edited: Jun 9, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Share This Page Tweet. Your nickname or email address: Do you already have an account?