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The Nexus 7 doesn't ship with a dedicated Camera app which probably has something to do with the fact there is no rear-facing camera on board. If you really want to access those funny effects and take p HD video using the 1.

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ASUS and Google opted not to support screen rotation when accessing the Nexus 7 homescreen, but if you want to add the functionality, the Apex Launcher Pro app is one way to solve the issue. As well as delivering a more landscape-friendly experience, the latest version also include the ability to have multiple app drawers, overlapping widgets and pinch-on gesture support..

Considering the Nexus 7 is a Wi-Fi only device, you will probably have to get into the habit of storing stuff offline to catch up on later. Instapaper is one of the best ways to download text from web pages to read when you are out of the Wi-Fi comfort zone, with the ability to upload up to articles and unlimited content on the Instapaper website. Comfortably one of the best games to make the successful crossover from console to mobile, the sci-fi horror shooter has now been optimized for the new Nexus 7 surroundings which means you can now make the most of the Tegra 3 quadcore power.

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Developer MadFinger Games recently made the zombie shooter free in response to an increase in people pirating the game. Now everyone can enjoy one of the most gorgeous looking Android games that is made even more stunning thanks to the Tegra 3 quadcore processor nestled inside the Nexus 7.

Best Google Nexus 7 tablet apps to download first | T3

Expect added environmental effects like water simulation to make the game surroundings look even more rich and detailed. Free Download Dead Trigger Android app. See how to do it here. If you just want the TouchWiz launcher and don't want to install a custom ROM, you can do so using this guide. If you like the Sony Xperia's launcher better than Samsung's, you can get that too if you want. A word of caution concerning the Beats Audio install. I am running stock 4. I installed the Sony Experia launcher and it works great, looks really cool.

I really like it. Please enable JavaScript to watch this video. Forgive my ignorance, but what is XLouder? This is a whole new world! Netflix for Android Tablets The free Netflix for Android tablets app gives Netflix subscribers access to all of the company's streaming-video TV shows and movies.

The Nexus 7's large display makes it simple to browse for shows by genre and surf through recommendations based on shows and movies you watched in the past. The tablet's screen size is perfect for streaming video while on the go. And the app syncs across devices and browsers so you can start watching a movie on a computer and then pick up where you left off with the Netflix Nexus 7 app. The app's UI is specifically designed for Android tablets, and it works well and looks great on the Nexus 7.

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Google Currents for the Nexus 7 Google's Currents app for Android offers a variety of free online reading material in one mobile-friendly location. Currents is basically a souped-up RSS reader with a polished interface that lets you add and find articles quickly and easily. And the service offers high-quality content from a number of reputable sources, including yours truly.

The popular and similar Flipboard app is also available for the Nexus 7, but I prefer Currents' streamlined interface and automatic offline-reading functionality. Download Google Currents for free from the Google Play store. Amazon App Store for Android Tablets Google's official Android Market, Play Store, is a great place to find quality Nexus 7 software, but the true app connoisseur always appreciates new options. Amazon's Appstore is one of the best Android Market alternative, if not the best.

100 awesome Android apps that will transform your tired tablet

It provides a number of unique features and offers, including a new, normally-paid app for free every day, and a cool Test Drive feature for trying out new software. You need to tweak a few settings to download the app store, but Amazon details the process on its website, and it's worth the hassle. The free version lets you monitor scores for all games. You also get free news, standings, rosters, schedules and stats.


And the software can be customized to show relevant information on your favorite teams. The full At Bat app adds home and away audio broadcasts, among other features. And if you're an MLB. Blackout restrictions apply, and not all devices support MLB.

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  7. Play ball! Dropbox for Android Tablets Dropbox, a cloud-based storage service, makes it easy to share files between Web-connected devices, including PCs, tablets and smartphones. Dropbox apps exists for all major mobile platforms, and you get 2GB of free storage just for creating an account—more if you recommend the service to others.

    You simply load up your Dropbox with content, launch the Android app and everything within your Dropbox is available to you via tablet.