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Using the Velvia preset on a C profile within the software. There is of course no iPhone profile within the software, for now, so I just went through the cameras until I found a preset I like.

Transfer iPhone 5s Slow-Motion Videos to Your Computer with iMovie

It happened to be that camera. I got some pretty nice results. It made things a little bit more organic. I had the grain set higher than normal at 40 as it helped mask the banding of the image. Normally I keep it lower to around 22 but 40 was fine here. The finished video worked well, the music helped of course, thank to The Music Bed again for providing an amazing library of cracking music!

So will we see loads of super slow motion video online soon? You can count on it! Babies in slow motion. Cats falling into the bath in slow motion. People sleeping in slow motion. Paint drying in slow motion! Just be careful of hard lines that will alias and fine patterns. Also be careful of high contrast areas like I had. Hard but not impossible.

I look forward to Filmic Pro 2 being updated to give me manual control of the camera for this mode. The built-in camera app is auto exposure and the focus, although chosen by touch, changes on its own all the time. There is a lock apparently. Will it replace my FS and F55? I think you know the answer! But how often do I go out and about with either of those cameras in my man bag? I would need a man suit case, not a man bag!! You can see the little video below.

Massive thanks to my friends James Miller, his assistant Megan Clay-Jones and the lovely Anna Stocco for being willing super slow motion victims. James especially as I shot gross eating stuff with him! You can also see my photos from the trip which are on Flickr shot with my Leica M and Samsung Galaxy NX below my 35mm and medium format film photos are to come as they are not developed yet! It really was a wonderful trip and massive thanks to all who came to my workshops. I hope to see you again soon! I have also included some of my other slow motion videos with other cameras below this if you have not seen them!

The parents at from Philip Bloom on Vimeo. Postcards from the four corners: Marrakech from Philip Bloom on Vimeo. Two Forty from Brighton: Choccywoccydoodah from Philip Bloom on Vimeo. Turin Brakes: Chim Chim Che-ree. Evening Waltz from Philip Bloom on Vimeo. Thought you might be interested to know that the built in iPhone camera app has AF lock if you tap and hold on the foucs area you want to lock on to.

I took some footage and snaps on the iphone 5s as memories of the day. Not expecting to use these snapshots in any meaningful way, I was shocked when later on I saw the quality of the images on my imac. Importing footage straight from phone into premiere and conforming to My experience was a bit different from yours- probably because my expectations were non-existent.

I managed to recover detail from highlights and shadows in a way that impressed me. I am more interest in the image and what I can or cannot do with it. Creamy-silky qualities to it. Do you usually denoise footage before you colour correct and grade? Or do you simply bypass this process? If and when you do denoise, what application s have you found to be most effective, and why? Great work once again, Philip.

Review of the iPhone 5S 120fps super slow motion

I have just started using an iPhone 5 at 60p and it does look pretty decent, especially when combined with a Steadicam Smoothee. There are just some scenarios where these small rigs are going to work where nothing else will. I have found myself wishing for proper manual control as well. If I knew how, I would be building some kind of bluetooth device with focus, iso, and even zoom the digital zoom is ok too if you are shooting p and putting it into a p project. Then I could control these features with the phone mounted on the Steadicam without having to touch it….

Great review, as always but this time I could not resist the urge to correct you on one thing, because you write it so often: Your average online video is displayed at 30 frames a second. Played at its normal speed, frames a second is awesome for filming things like sports, as you can see moves and plays more clearly. But for most, the fun comes when you slow it down.

How to capture slow-motion video on your old iPhone

Apple has built software into the Camera and Photos apps that let you automatically slow a portion of your fps video so that it displays at 30fps—and make look really cool in the process, too. Try and upload a video to a third-party app like Instagram, and all you can post is your fps source video. But you don't have to wait for your favorite developer to post some fancy slo-mo video: Here are a few tips on how to upload slo-mo video to your third-party apps.

One just uses tools on your iPhone itself, and one requires a second iOS device. Open the clip in question, make sure the slow-motion has been adjusted where you want it to be, then tap the Share sheet. Tap Mail, and your video will compress and attach to an email message. Send the email to yourself.

When you receive it on the other end, tap the video to download it, then save it to your camera roll by tapping the Share button and Save Video. From there, you can upload the video to any third-party service—Instagram included. I mean including the locked features and all.

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Lovely icon and application interface. Controls are also pretty easy to master. Beautiful Work. Signed up for the free trial and was planning on paying for the subscription so I can edit my son's football game videos. Signed up so I could remove the watermark and it still won't let me do it. When I go to click the x to remove it, it prompts me to sign up for the subscription again.

I even tried clicking ok to sign up but then it tells me that I'm already signed up. Okaaaaaay so why can't I do the things promised with the subscription then???

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So frustrating. And it crashes non stop. Could be a great app if the issues were fixed. App Store Preview.